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Christopher Gabrielson
Feb 17, 2019
In Other
Hello Commanders, Many backers want to double check their components with the master list. Because of the reprints and repacks many item counts were in flux and some of the final packaging does not reflect the correct counts. Here is a full print and play folder, with card diagrams for each set and expansion as well as a master components list:
Christopher Gabrielson
Jan 28, 2019
In Rules Questions
Hello Mech Commanders we will be listing out launch errata here. Currently there are just a few but I'm sure our backers will start to find some more now that the game is starting to be received and played. COMPONENTS Player Tokens It was not well explained in the Setup section: Player tokens are the colored tokens with a numeral '3' on one side and either a turret or drone on the other. These can be used as damage increments of 3, but are useful to place on your mech board to help remind the player of that mech's color. (Particularly useful when you are operating two mechs at the same time.) CORE CAMPAIGN BOOK Tutorial: Only play the practice mission for two rounds maximum (the book says to keep playing until a mech is killed, but with starting load-outs and beginner players this could take a while). Just move on to Mission 1 after a couple rounds. MISSION 2: Uplink points required for victory is reduced to 7. Secondary Objective Reward = the Light Tank (Rumbler) not the Medium Testudo. MISSION 6: Uplink points required to complete one of two required victory conditions is also reduced to 7. RULES LINE OF SIGHT RULES The Rules Reference Guide was modified slightly after the Learn To Play and Campaign book was sent to print. The Rules Reference Guide trumps the Learn to Play booklet when there is a discrepancy. In particular the section that deals with debates on line of sight when a mech is between two hexes: The Rules Reference Guide is correct with its explanation on page 15 on the bottom right: "Too Late I Already Moved". In short, if you call a hit on a mech that is moving (this usually means a player's hand is on it) and there is any doubt as to which hex it is in when the hit was called, use the "New Hex Rule", which means you determine line of sight from the hex the mech was moving INTO. In the cases when the attacker called the hit and quickly paid the energy cost of the weapon before the defender called pause to clarify the line of sight discrepancy, the attacker can return their energy. This is one of the few times you can return energy once its been placed. It also applies to other line of sight issues that are an honest mistake. See the line of sight rules section as well as the Malfunction appendix for more details. 5 - 6 Player Games This entry was left out of the final Rules Reference Guide. 5-6 Player games requires the Armory / 5-6 Player Expansion. Setup for adding a 5th or 6th player is similar to the core game; they use the white and purple components and lights. Table Size. The tricky bit can be finding the right size table. On wider square tables the 5th and 6th players can often setup on opposite sides of the boards (one in front of the Mech Kills space and the other across). Mission Objectives change slightly when there is a 5th or 6th player as noted in the purple italics next to mission objectives and rewards. Support Units. Teams with 3 players/mechs deploy a maximum of 2 support units per mech. 5th Player Rules. Uneven teams utilize identical rules to the Three Player Variant found in the Rules Reference Guide. Refer to that section. One player will operate 2 mechs (usually the most experienced) and receives the bonuses listed in that section for doing so (an extra energy gem, ability to pause and extra time). 5 Player Tutorial. One option for 5 player games is to run the tutorial with just 4 players. The more experienced player taking the other four through the script. Note that this will require having a player switch teams when you start the campaign. Alternatively just run the tutorial with all 6 mechs making adjustments in the script as necessary.)

Christopher Gabrielson

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