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ultra-deluxe components 


utterly unique gameplay

Shipping NOW to the USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. Europe and Asia will follow 30 days behind. This limited first edition has received upgrade after upgrade.  Ultra sturdy, 3.5 inch high stackable skycrapers create multiple play levels and physical terrain. 10 models including the KickStarter unlocked elite mechs with over 40 swap-able weapon arms to customize your models.  Great artwork and elite mech boards unlocked via the KickStarter campaign all packaged into a deluxe components tray that will keep everything organized and quick to setup and put away. 

The gameplay of MECH COMMAND RTS is unique because all of the action occurs simultaneously; with players moving their mechs, firing weapons and activating special equipment at the same time as each other. The result is a very fast game comprised of short 20-30 minute missions with almost zero downtime. It has been designed with the primary goal of combining tactical depth with accessibility and fun.  The result is a new type of board game that is fast to setup, fast to teach and fast to play but retains strategic depth. 

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