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Every item, expansion and add-on pack from the KickStarter! Core Set, AI Unleashed, The Armory: 5-6 player expansion, Advanced Recon Pack, Tactical Warfare Pack. 



The Core Set: ($149)


AI Unleashed Cooperative Expansion ($75) Converts MECH Command RTS into a Cooperative or Solo experience with a unique campaign, rules, and AI controlled units and missions. Players work together to overcome the new threat that arises after the PvP campaign. Over the course of multiple missions you will explore the deep wasteland, discover ancient powerful tech, choose between tactical vs strategic upgrades and unravel a plot against humanity brewing for centuries.


Featuring:The Behemoth, a 110 mm model giant boss model, 4 customizable turrets that can be converted into AI drone mechs using your core set models, 6 arial seeker drones with stands, 4 additional custom LED bases, with magnets and batteries, 88 Card AI deck and unique aggro / targeting system and more deluxe components.


The Armory: 5-6 Player Expansion ($75) adds an extra set of the Core Set's high quality components, allowing an exponential increase in team combinations, mech loadouts and options. Also includes player blocks, damage dishes, player components and the new Violet and White LED light bases for 5-6 players. 


Advanced Recon Pack ($35.95) Every add-on available during the KickStarter incorporates substantial additions to the core game-play. The Advanced Recon Pack adds stealth, high damage-short range shotguns, and special damage types. Includes a Black and White version of the WDOW Elite Light Chassis with mech boards and 24 special weapons and equipment cards. Cloak generators allow these Elite AC's to become immune from targeting at long range. 


Tactical Warfare Pack ($39.95) Become a master of the battlefield by constructing mines, ammo bots, seeker drones, energy walls and more. The special NGNR Elite Medium chassis specializes in supporting his team, constructing defenses and laying traps. Most of the NGNR mines and traps look identical on their reverse side as mission objectives. This combined with an abundance of dummy and magnetic spike traps the NGNR can scatter the battlefield with unknowns creating choke-points and controlled areas. 






Ultimate Bundle

SKU: 0003
  • Includes every part, expansion and add-on pack of the game. Many of these packs will not be available at retail. 

    • Core Set
    • Ai Unleashed Cooperative Expansion
    • 5-6 Player Expansion
    • Advanced Recon Pack
    • Tactical Warfare Pack