The Armory: Enhance your game exponentially. Powerhouse your team and unlock a magnitude more weapons, items and mech combinations with an additional set of all mech models, weapon arms, item cards, mech boards, gems and punch-board tokens. In the Core Set, teams are limited by the physical models to a single mech chassis type at a time as well as a single copy of most of the elite, heavy or specialty weapons. This is partly due to the sheer size of the Core Set but also simplifies mech load-outs over the course of the PvP campaign. For advanced players however, an extra set of everything will allow you to spawn highly specialized combinations like dual missile mechs, or a team of elite Recluse Snipers with a 4 x gatling gun tank chassis in support.


5-6 Player Expansion: This set includes all unique components for the White and Violet mechs including white and violet versions of the LED Bases, 80 acrylic damage cubes, support unit miniatures, player tokens, and damage dishes.


The 5-6 Player Expansion is really a 5-6 MECH expansion as it can still be utilized in 2-4 player games; adding a third mech onto each team.

Buyer's Guide: If you ordered any type of Ultimate Bundle you are already receiving this expansion. If you are considering an extra Core Set primarily for the models and components this may be a more cost-effective way to receive those items.

The Armory and 5-6 Player Expansion Bundle

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