Mech Command RTS is a real time strategy board game where all players pilot mechs, fire weapons, activate equipment and direct support troops simultaneously. The first board game of its kind, Mech Command RTS has been designed to be fast to setup, fast to teach and fast to play.


Featuring unique components like LED pointers built into each miniature's base to provide instantaneous line of sight as well as physical buildings, and interchangeable arms and weapon sets to customize your platform of destruction. 


This is the Deluxe KickStarter version. The complete core set with KickStarter bonus unlocks like the Locust ultra-heavy reverse jointed mech models (x2), as well as extra skyscrapers, upgraded damage blocks, jumbo energy gems and a bevy of new weapons and arm sets. Also includes the two copies of the KickStarter Unlocked Elite Mech Boards:  Paladin, the Recluse Sniper, Locust, and the Mantis Missile Pod.


Limited copies left.

Core Set 1st Edition

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  • The core set contains:

    10 x Mech Models
    12 x Support Units (3 per Color)
    4  x LED Bases (Red, Blue, Orange, Green)
    1 x Folding 27”x 33” Board  (Double Sided)
    4 x Damage Dishes
    25 x Red Damage cubes (5 damage)
    30 x Orange Damage cubes (3 Damage)
    45 x White Damage cubes (1 Damage)
    50 x Blue Gems
    15 x Green Gems
    175 Equipment Cards
    32 x Mech Boards
    32 x Objective & Mine tokens
    20 x Ammo tokens
    Mission Pack & Glossary
    Campaign tracking pad