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Includes the Core Set and the cooperative expansion: AI Unleashed. Team up with your friends against the AI, featuring a unique AI deck of cards, seeker drone, turret models and the gigantic mega mech the BEHEMOTH.

Play Solo or with a Team against the A.I. The cooperative expansion adds new rules, missions and components designed to allow players to challenge the game itself. Using a special A.I. card deck enemy units are given behavior patterns and target priorities when they are produced. This rule-set features 3 categories of enemies each with their own unique mechanics; automated turrets, seeker drones and AM's (automated mechs). Plus a selection of unique bosses revealed in later missions.

Core Set + AI Unleashed, Co-op Bundle

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  • This bundle includes everything the core set does plus:

    4 Additional LED Laser Miniature Bases!  
    4 Automated Turret Models  
    6 Seeker Drone Models  
    Giant BEHEMOTH Boss Model 
    60 Card A.I. Deck  
    30 Jumbo Red Energy Crystals

    Online PDF Cooperative Campaign Book