The Advanced Recon and Tactical Warfare packs now combined into one mega bundle of extra gameplay. 




Become an advanced killer of mechs using cloaking devices and 4 new damage types and weapon classes.

Corrosion Weapons - create a permanent DoT (damage over time) until the victim is repaired.

Ion Weapons - use a special damage token that cannot be shielded.

Sniper Rifles - use precision damage cubes that are assigned by the attacker. Concentrate fire to take out an enemy's limbs or even their core with a single shot.

Disruption Blades. These EMP charged blades de-activate a section of the target mech paralyzing a limb and any attached items. Cannot be shielded.

Featuring 2 multi-armed WIDOW mechs and 18 weapon arm attachments. All torsos, legs and weapon arms are inter-changeable with your other mechs.

Includes 15 x black precision cubes for sniper rifles, 40 x Ion, Emp and Corrosion tokens. 4 x standard and elite versions of the WIDOW mech boards and 32 elite item cards.

Multi-Arm mechs like the WIDOW and ENGINEER help them specialize in their unique equipment over regular mechs. Both standard and elite versions of the WIDOW can wall crawl onto buildings, and equip the unique offensive boosters: blade flurry and gunslinger.




For advanced players, this expansion adds tactical elements that dramatically impact the game by changing the terrain, creating obstacles and automated defenses. Featuring standard and elite versions of the Engineer mechs and their wide assortment of force multipliers like sentry turrets, force fields, proximity mines, hunter seekers, and repair drones.

Includes 34 Elite Item Cards
2 Engineer mech models with quad jet legs. Inter-changeable with all other mechs.
Unique Infinity Boosters that can transport a mech to any hex on the board.
20 Weapon Arms including physical shields one of the most powerful defensive upgrades in the game.
Sentry Turret Tokens
Hunter Seeker Tokens
Proximity and Dummy Mine Tokens
Repair Drones and Reload Stations
Force Field Wall Tiles and stands

Buyer's Guide: This expansion is already included in all Ultimate Bundles. This pack synergizes very well with the AI Unleashed Expansion as it provides the engineer with 3D models of his sentry turrets, seeker drones, and extra LED bases for instant line of sight on both.

Advanced Recon and Tactical Warfare Add On Pack Bundle

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