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Since we are ordering less than 200 extra copies of Mech Command RTS, the KickStarter backer community IS this game's community. This means your input is even more important as this game is just for YOU. We will be posting community feedback polls on the game's design and production here.  VOTE BELOW

Quad Jet  vs Dual Rail

Hover Legs 

POLL #1 - HOVER JET LEGS. We have adjusted the Engineer mech legs to utilize hover jets!  This introduces a new class into the game that features extreme mobility.  The engineer model itself now incorporates a technician arm and drone/mine launcher. Our lead sculptor Sergey Kolesnik has developed two types for us to choose from. Which do YOU like the best? The one the community favors is the one we will be producing!  VOTE BELOW!

Shown here are design renders. We will showcase production renders as they are completed.  Some additional texture and detail may be added to this model. 

The hover jet leg models will utilize a support stand to raise them 3/4" above the LED base.

This mech model comes included in the Tactical Warfare Add-On pack. This pack is automatically included in all Ultimate Bundles. For those that want to add this pack to their rewards they will be able to do so via the Pledge Manager scheduled to launch before the end of the year. 

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