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About us

How we started


We are three brothers who share a passion for board games and board game design.  Our first offering is Mech Command RTS one of the world's first, actual, Real Time Strategy board games.  After raising 200% of our goal on KickStarter we are now hard at work producing the game.  The stretch rewards are still live for a couple more months however, and each late pledge helps unlock additions to the game. 

Why Pledge?


After funding 200% on KickStarter we are still allowing late pledgers to contribute. Pledging not only helps unlock additional stretch rewards but will also provide pledgers with bonus components, significant discounts and priority access! (Backers will receive their rewards long before the game hits retail.) Also as this 1st edition is a limited print run, very few games will be available through retail. 


“Mech Command RTS gets a big Thumbs up!”


“Fast, smooth and fun! Mech Command is going to have a very wide appeal!”



“This is a revolutionary new board game. We have never seen anything like it. Really fun!”


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