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Pilot mechs through 3d cities in this real time strategy board game


"This is a revolutionary board game!" - GameDenReviews

Mech Comman RTS Board Game Spread

        "Fast, Smooth & fun!" - Everything board games .com

Pilot mechs through 3d destructible cities in real time. Simultaneous combat compresses hours of gameplay into smooth 40 minute missions. 

Complete objectives to earn rewards, upgrade your team to win the 10 mission campaign. 

Gorgeous models, 3D buildings, LED 'laser' pointers and an easy to teach rule-set. The core set has everything new players need for hundreds of hours of gameplay. Bring something new to your gaming table!

Elegant Rules

Get new players going in 5 minutes! Play 40-60  minute missions that combine to form week long campaigns. 

LED 'Laser' Pointers

Custom LED bases under each mech provide real time line of sight confirmation.

3D Buildings

Heavy duty double hexagon structures. Dodge behind buildings and boost to the rooftops to pursue objectives!

Awesome Models

2 inch, customizable, highly detailed

models.  Swappable arm-sets, torsos and leg types. Use a Bi-pedal, Reverse-Jointed, Tetrapod or Tank Chassis. 

12 Mission Types

Every map is tactically different. Use support units to collect resources, secure uplink points and more. 

Unique GamePlay

Revolutionary new mechanics allow all players to move, boost and fire simultaneously while staying organized. 

Deluxe Components

The Limited 1st Edition features deluxe custom components that complement the unique game-play and real time aspect. A large organizer tray helps with setting up and cleaning up between missions and keeps your team's armory separate and organized over the course of the campaign.

Not all components shown. The Core Set also includes damage dishes, ammo cubes, a deluxe organizer tray, 12 Support unit miniatures, base magnets, and more!